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About Us

What is the Lookingglass Volunteer Fire Department?

.The Lookingglass Rural Fire District is a property tax supported all volunteer fire department located in a rural area 8 miles west of Roseburg, Oregon. The Department consists of one fire station staffed by 20 volunteer firefighters and governed by 5 volunteer elected Board Members.

Our firefighting fleet includes one 2007 Type 1 pumper, one 2011 3,000 gallon water tender, two wildland/brush trucks (1986 and 2016), one light rescue/medical vehicle, and two repurposed utility/safety units. There is also a 1979 water tender in reserve, and a 1992 Type 1 pumper in reserve and counted as part of our ISO PPC rating. The District protects approximately 70 square miles, including a small rural township, ranches, farms, forest, and a large urban interface area.We are also initial responders to approximately 90 more sq. miles of wildland/timber through a mutual aid contract with the local Forest Protective Agency. Risk factors for our jurisdiction include two underground high pressure intrastate natural gas pipelines and facilities, electrical transmission lines and substations for two utility companies, a regional elementary school, and residences spread out over a large area of wildland and forest.

Firefighters, LPG flames, hose and water

 Our population of 3200+ includes retirees, ranchers, farmers, loggers and an increasing amount of younger families with children seeking the rural lifestyle and its' benefits. Many retirees are drawn by the nearby VA hospital. Commercial farming is starting to impact the area, with numerous vineyards, hemp and medical cannabis operations, and a large blueberry farm. Much of the District remains in pasture for cattle and hay production, and timber continues to be harvested and replanted.

The LRFD is PPC rated 4/10 as a result of a recent ISO upgrading recognizing our volunteer response, our training programs, our vehicle maintenance and testing, and our ability to supply large quantities of water without a hydrant system. Our vehicles are maintained to NFPA 1911 standards by certified Emergency Vehicle Technicians. The LRFD has written mutual aid contracts with all Douglas County Fire Departments, and automatic aid agreements with our closest neighboring Districts. These agreements allow us to support our regional fire departments,while receiving help in the form of fire engines and wildland equipment when requested.

LRFD revenue comes primarily from property taxes collected from our District residents. The tax rate is limited by Oregon law, and at .5077/$1000 is the lowest overall rate in Douglas County, raising approximately $70,000 per year. Through the Oregon budget process and tight fiscal management, our District budget sustains the maintenance and testing of vehicles and equipment, daily opeerations, materials and services, and most purchases of PPE. Vehicle replacement and capital projects such as SCBAs are unfunded, and any large purchases come from continuing State and Federal grant applications.

The LRFD is proud of our commitment to training and safety for our firefighters. Our protective gear is NFPA compliant and less than 10 years old.  Our vehicles and equipment are maintained to, and purchases are based on, NFPA and Oregon OSHA standards. We train to NFPA 1001 and 1002 standard with in house certified instructors. As an all volunteer fire department in a rural area with limited funding, our District continues to safely provide fire protection for the life, property, and environment of our region. We also provide BLS level medical response, NWCG based wildland response, awareness level HazMat and technical rescue response, and public assistance to our residents as needed.