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Fire Apparatus

Engine 1030 

Engine 1030 is a 2006 Pierce Contender Type 1 pumper. The engine is equipped with a 1250 gpm Waterous single stage pump and carries 1000 gallons of water in a polypro tank. It is powered by a Cummins 540 cu in 370 HP engine, with a 65 gallon diesel fuel tank. Power and pumping capability are driven through a 5 speed Allison EVS 3000P automatic transmission. It rides on Michelin 315/80R22.50 20 ply tires, with 22.5x9" aluminum wheels.  The Pierce has a full tilt cab giving access to the engine, pump, and drive train, and seats 4 firefighters in 911 leather SCBA seats. The driver has a 911 Air ride seat. Electrical power is provided by 4ea 12 volt Group 31 batteries, backed up by an on board Kussmaul battery charger/air compressor. The engine also has a Kussmaul electric load manager and shoreline system, with Whelen emergency lights and siren. 1030 is outfitted with 1600 feet of 2.5" hose in the split rear bed, and also carries a 150' 2.5" rear preconnect, 2ea  2oo' 1 3/4" preconnected crosslays, 1 150' 1 3/4" rear preconnect, and 2 ea. 100' 1 3/4" bundles. On the top of the engine are a 14' straight ladder, a 24' extension ladder, a 10' attic ladder, and 8' and 10' pike poles. There is a top 

Fire engine 1030 with American Flag

 mounted 1000 gpm deck gun, and also a 100' booster hose reel up top. We also carry a Honda 4500 EM generator with adaptors and cords, 2 ea 500 watt telescoping quartz lights, and a variety of tools and equipment including swiftwater rescue gear, BLS medical gear and AED, a 20" variable speed electric smoke ejector, 20" Husqvarna Ventmaster chainsaw, Husqvarna powered rescue saw with metal and diamond blades, wildland tools and protective gear; Class A,B and AFFF foam with eductor, and 4 Scott X3 Pro 4500 psi SCBAs with spare bottles

The Engine was purchased with a FEMA Grant in 2006 at a cost of $230,000, and current replacement cost for a similar engine would be approximately $425,000.

Water Tender 1060 

Water Tender 1060 is a 2008 Freightliner/General Fire Apparatus 3000 gallon water tender. The tender pumps using a Darley 500 gpm single stage  PTO pump, with mobile pumping capability. It carries a 3000 folding Husky portable tank on a powered Zico side rack, and has a 10" Newton rear swivel dump valve. The tank is polypro, and the body is all aluminum. 1060 is powered by a 300 HP Cummins diesel and an Allison 3000 5 speed automatic transmission. It carries 50 gallons of diesel fuel, and rolls its fully loaded 62,000 lb GVW on 10 16ply radials. WT 1060 is equipped with a Kussmaul on board battery charger and air compressor, with 115 volt shore power. Emergency lights and siren are NFPA compliant with a Whelen light bar, siren, and side and rear warning lights

White 3000 gallon fire water tender driving in parade

The tender has an additional 2000 lb equipment payload, and we carry 500 ' of 2.5" hose on top, salvage equipment, rehab equipment, wildland protective gear and tools, 3ea 5" x 10' hard suction hoses with aluminum couplings, and a 150' booster line on a reel in the right front compartment. The cost of the vehicle was $211,133 in 2008, and was purchased with assistance from a partial grant from the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians.